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Reference Materials

Application evaluations are based on the LSC Act, LSC Regulations, LSC Performance Criteria and the ABA Standards, except where those provisions are in conflict with applicable law or other funding restrictions. 


LSC Regulations

LSC Performance Criteria

ABA Standards for the Provision of Civil Legal Aid

ABA Standards for Programs Providing Civil Pro Bono Legal Services to Persons of Limited Means

Other useful reference materials:

Appropriations Acts - The LSC Appropriation Acts identify and incorporate, by reference, restrictions on recipients of LSC funds from 1996 to date.

Program Letters 

Access to Records Protocol

2016 Applicant Informational Session Materials for Post-PQV Applicants

 2016 Applicant Informational Session Materials for Standard Grant Applicants 

LSC 2016 Grant Assurances and LSC 2016 Certification Form

LSC 2015 Grant Assurances and LSC 2015 Certification Form

Pro Bono Innovation Fund 2014 Grant Assurances

LRI – LSC Resource Information is an online library created to facilitate the sharing of innovative projects and best-practice resources within the legal services community

Technologies That Should Be in Place in a Legal Aid Office Today - LSC report

Accounting Guide for LSC Recipients (2010 Edition) - Effective August 23, 2010

See also Other Grantee Guidance Materials 

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Archived Documents – Documents pertaining to previous grant competitions 1999 - present