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LSC welcomes All Interested Parties, announces Key Dates for 2015 Grant Funding Cycle

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LSC is beginning the application cycle for 2015 funding by posting the All Interested Parties Notice and announcing the key dates for the application process. LSC awards grants for the provision of civil legal services to low-income persons through a competitive grants process.

Choose a topic to learn more about LSC’s Legal Aid Grants.

In accordance with LSC’s multi-year funding policy, grant applications for calendar year 2015 funding will be accepted only for specified service areas. Learn more about service areas and see the list of competed service areas on the Where We Fund page.

Send questions about the competitive grant and grant renewal process to

LSC will hold a free Applicant Informational Session online conference (May 20 and 22) to assist applicants in preparing grant applications and to promote participation in the competitive grants process. Details about the conference will be posted on the Applicant Informational Sesssion page as the conference date becomes closer.