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Competition Application - Standard RFP

Note: The application period for 2014 grants has ended. 

This page contains information for the 2015 grants application process.

Approximate dates are given.

The exact dates for submission deadlines for the Competition Application - Standard RFP are available on the Key Dates - Schedule A page.

The Standard RFP is for new applicants, and current recipients that have not had an LSC program quality visit (PQV) since January 1, 2012.

All grant application information is submitted through the online application system at Complete instructions for filing a grant proposal are found in the RFP Narrative Instruction. 

The RFP Narrative Instructions will be available for download in April, 2014.

Step 1: Complete a Notice of Intent to Compete (NIC) (April-May, 2014)

The NIC requires the following information:

  • The service area(s) applied for (click to learn more about service areas)
  • The names and general information about the principals and key staff 
  • The names and general information about current or proposed governing or policy body members and their appointing organizations

Step 2: Complete the grant application (early June, 2014)

Applicants can begin work on the grant application once the NIC has been approved by LSC. Applicants are notified via email when the NIC has been approved.

A complete and qualified grant application has five components. 

  1. The responses to RFP Inquiries and Charts - Responses to the RFP Inquiries and Charts are submitted through the online application system.
  1. Forms – The RFP forms capture an overview of the applicant’s organization, as well as budget, governing board, technology, CSR and staffing data, and a description of policies, procedures and staffing for fiscal oversight and internal controls. Applicants that do not currently have a governing or policy body that complies with Regulation 45 C.F.R. Part 1607.3 must provide a plan to meet this requirement. Applicants are asked to provide a list of references, and disclose any potential conflicts of interest, as well as any professional disciplinary complaints, criminal convictions, civil contempt, and malpractice lawsuits and/or claims made in the past thirty-six months. Applicants must disclose whether they experienced fraud, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement, or theft within the last twenty-four months. The forms are completed and submitted through the online application system.
  1. The Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) plan – Regulation 45 C.F.R. Part 1614 requires that an amount equal to at least 12½% of the annual LSC award will be devoted by the Applicant to the involvement of private attorneys in the delivery of legal services to the poor.
  1. The Technology plan
  1. Other documents:
  • Organizational Chart
  • Resumes of the organization’s principals
  • Any performance evaluations and monitoring reports (PEM) received in the past thirty-six months
  • Previous year IRS Form 990
  • Responses to Subgrant Inquiries and Additional Subgrant Information, if applicable 
  • Additional fiscal information
  • Financial Audit Reports (Required only for applicants that are not current LSC Recipients.)

Step 3: Grants Assurances and Grant Certification (August, 2014)

Applicants are required to certify compliance with the LSC Grant Assurances (Form C) and other requirements specified on the Grant Certification Form (Form I).

The 2015 Grant Assurances and Grant Certification forms will become available in August, 2014.